Thursday, March 22, 2018

Dusting Off and Beginning Anew

The last time I made a post on this blog was January of 2017, over a year ago. As I shed some commitments that have been taking my attention and time, I'm dusting off this old thing and will be posting more often. I'm a bit of a puppy in a park when it comes to life - "Look, squirrel! No, ball! OMG my person!... and tend to grab on to new commitments and Important Things To Do everytime I open up a little bit of space to create. Today, in the spirit of spring, and in celebration of the vernal equinox, I'm setting aside the next two years as "No New Commitments". I'm shedding the old and opening new space over the next two years to create and build the vision that is in me, those crevices and cracks inside filled with as yet unknown treasures.