Friday, August 10, 2012


We are in Georgia visiting Brent's parents. Having a really wonderful time and enjoying time with the Auntie, Uncle, and cousins as well.

Just finished a 2 hour marathon bedtime with two very tired girls, and Grandpa said "Good job". I said "Yeah, it sucked", and he said "Yeah, reminds me of the tough ones". His youngest is 42. I said "You don't forget, do you?" "Nope," he said.


gae polisner said...

Mine are so big. My oldest is a difficult kid. Smart, funny, loving, good. But difficult. He made so much of it harder... not at all like I imagined in my brain. Not how I wished, in many ways. Yet, what I'd give to have those difficult bedtimes back, not because of the bedtimes, simply because of the other moments and the years. <3

Katie Kadwell said...

Ah, Gae... exactly. It's never what we dream it will be, and we don't want to go back, but why can't the moments last forever? <3