Monday, June 25, 2012

The Process

I'm on day two of a 90 day plan Brent and I are doing: each night making a schedule for the day, and each evening noticing how we did. We're using email to keep track of our lists, and I think I'm going to make a schedule in the evening of what I actually did. So many things come up during the day, for example last night when I made my list I didn't include making Willow's lunch for day camp tomorrow. I used the word "notice", which is my intention. However, more often than not the noticing is laced with a lot of judgement, shoulds, and frustration. I want so much to have everything done, now. I know this process will help me let go of that, and even help me get more done... but the habit of focusing on the future, focusing on the result, is so ingrained. I keep taking another breath, and coming back, and another, and coming back, over and over again, this is the process.

Pumpkin with Blossom 2010

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