Thursday, June 14, 2012

No There, There

There is not there. There is right here. Today is Thursday. On Sunday Brent, Willow, Grace, and I all went on a bike ride up to Carkeek park to celebrate a family friend's high school graduation.

We left the house at 11:45 and arrived at the picnic at around 4. We had hoped to get there closer to 2. It was an incredible day, filled with lots of beautiful scenery, excellent weather, awesome company and finally, good friends.

The past 4 days I've been trying, unsuccessfully, to post a slideshow of the trip to go along with this post. Sunday I enjoyed the real knowledge of being right here, in the moment, having fun, knowing that "there" never arrives, that there is nothing waiting there, because when you get there, you're already here. This four days of failed attempts, buggy widgets, disk clean up... has been the other side of that coin. Be here, right now, even if right now things are not as you would wish them to be. Even if what you want to happen, what you're trying to make happen, isn't happening. Let go, back off, be here with what life is offering you right now.

Of course, I haven't yet learned to back off or let go... as you can see by the link to the slideshow below. Enjoy.

No There, There

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