Thursday, March 3, 2011

Gutting the EPA

What I'm Reading Right Now
Idaho Representative Mike Simpson has it all backwards, saying that the EPA is "...costing jobs in this country." But this assumes that our economy is working at peak efficiency, which it is not. Millions are out of work, and yet there is plenty of work to be done: bridges need mending, sewers need modernizing, children need teaching. Representative Simpson also said today on NPR that he has not gotten many calls complaining about the GOP plan to cut the EPA budget by 1/3. These budget cuts would have a direct effect on public health, making our water and air dirtier and adding more pollutants such as mercury into the atmosphere.

If you care about your health, the health of your neighbors, or the health of your children, give Mike Simpson a call tomorrow, and tell him you disapprove of his plan to gut the EPA. Remind him there are perhaps billions to be found by reducing or eliminating inefficient, inequitable, and disastrous fossil fuel subsidies. I'm sure he'll be glad to hear from you.

Representative Mike Simpson, 2nd District of Idaho, can be reached at: 202-225-5531

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