Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Open Letter to Dove World Outreach Church

Dear Pastor Jones and Friends:

Please reconsider your plans to burn the Koran this Saturday, September 11th. I realize you are praying about this decision, and open to a sign from God. Of course, I cannot give this to you, but I beg you, consider your own souls in this act. We have all been hurt, in small and large ways, throughout our lives. Each of us is affronted on a daily basis by people or situations we disagree with or dislike. And sometimes, extremists do terrible things, like the terrorists of September 11, 2001.

Thousands died that day, and I know you grieve that loss. But to live a life out of anger and hatred, and put that out into the world as an offering, is detrimental to your own soul. Every time we act in violence or anger instead of love or forgiveness, a little piece of the God that is in us dies. When we go home to our loved ones, we want to offer them the best we have in us, offer them our love and caring. But when you live out of anger, and act out of anger, your capacity for love diminishes.

If you cannot find it in your hearts to spare the lives of our soldiers in harm's way, who will surely be in more danger because of your act, or to spare the feelings of all of us in this country who wish you not to do this, at least think of your selves, and remember that anger and bitterness will never, ever benefit you or your life.

Please find a loving, forgiving way to stand up as Christians, for your own sakes and the sake of the God who created you.

Katie Kadwell


EagleStar Consulting said...

Hi Katie --

I hope he and his followers hear you. I agree with your thoughts and it saddens me to think that he will actually go through with this vile act simply because of ego. Somewhere along the way he lost the true teachings of love and to serve....

Thank you.

Paulette Esposito

Katie Kadwell said...

Thank you Paulette.