Sunday, May 23, 2010

Honor, Duty, and Love

The past couple of weeks have been incredible, with our new (7 week old) baby Grace, and our lovely 3 1/2 year old daughter Willow. I've been on my own most of the time, since relatives finished visiting a couple of weeks ago and Daddy went back to work. We've been on a couple of outings the three of us, and have had our ups and downs with occasional time outs for Willow (and Mommy too), smiles and laughs, and lots of cuddles, songs, and reading books.

Yesterday morning when we woke up Willow did her usual thing of hugging Grace with 3 year old vigor. Grace was awake and smiling, and for the first time looked right at Willow with a huge, big smile. That was one of my fondest dreams coming true, right before my eyes. Two beautiful, wonderful children who love each other and have fun together. I felt full, and honored. The love of a child, after all, is one of the greatest honors life has to offer. And it's my work, every day, to live up to that honor, to not tarnish that honor. As someone said to me while watching Willow in line at a Subway a couple of weeks ago, "Ah, what a great time. Life is just a shiny new penny." My job is to keep that penny feeling shiny and new for as long as I can.