Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Weaning Continues

Well, I'm sitting in my living room typing this as my lovely and dear husband lies down next to our dear and sweet daughter, waiting for her to finally sleep. This past week or so since weaning, Willow has been going to bed late and having a bit of trouble with sleeping... finding everything to distract her from the task at hand. If she has milk in her sippy, she wants it exchanged for Pediasure. If it's Pediasure, it must be exchanged for "plain milk". No matter how many dolls and animals are on the bed, of course it is the one that is left in the living room or tucked into her play oven that she must have, NOW. For the first few nights with no mama milk I gave her a bit of leeway, going back into the kitchen or the living room once or twice for supplies. But after that little grace period, I stopped the practice and instead I make a big to-do about getting everything before entering the bedroom... which liquid in the sippy, which animal to take into the bedroom, which book, does she have her binky.

Not surprisingly, that helps alleviate any of my own possible guilt, but still and all Willow knows how to party hearty until the rooster crows if she isn't reigned in. She'll want to switch to the rocker from the bed. Or to the bed from the rocker. Or go from mommy & daddy's bed to Willow's bed. Or back again. And on and on.

Brent just came out of the bedroom... at only 9:30! She's been typically not falling asleep until 10 or 10:30. He said he "laid down the law", and wouldn't let her change sides of the bed or get in the rocker or...

I like this daddy putting to bed thing, very luxurious for me! It can only happen when Brent comes home from work early, since he often doesn't get off from work until 9 or 9:30 at night. But on nights when he'll be home earlier, I'll be doing the first part of bedtime: reading the stories, tucking into bed, and lying down for 15 minutes. Then Brent will come in after we've been lying down for 15 minutes. I think it's going to work like a charm.

Willow has been amazing about weaning. She will ask to nurse sometimes, and she will cry about it sometimes, but when asked "Do you still get mama milk?" She always says "No". We talk about missing mama milk, and that it's ok to feel sad, but now there is "No more mama milk".


Kendall's Travel Blog said...

Katie - its 10pm, husband is asleep in two year old's bed, 2 year old is still partying, I am in other room trying to work. 9:30 is like a dream.

Katie Kadwell said...

Oh, wow. that is crazy. I know the feeling... There have been many nights lately where our dear one has been up until 10-11 partying away. As I write this she is lying quietly with Daddy, but still not yet asleep.