Monday, April 28, 2008


Oh, wow. I can't believe I've gone more than three months without an entry. Willow is going to be a big sister, which is very exciting for all of us. The new baby is due in October, ten days before Willow's birthday, and one day after her original due date. It was almost going to be twins... but one of them didn't make it. I was excited at the idea of twins, then really sad that one didn't make it... and now I'm just glad to be welcoming a new little one into the world soon, and also relieved that I won't have all the work involved with twins.

Because it happened early in the pregnancy it shouldn't complicate things too much; we'll have an extra ultrasound or two to make sure everything is in order, but we should be able to go ahead with our birth plan. Which is currently up in the air, but I'm leaning toward home or the birth center instead of the hospital. We'll see, though. There were a lot of things I liked about the hospital, even though it wasn't what I planned on. I'm just afraid I wouldn't be able to repeat the experience. The staff was very sensitive to the fact that we did not plan to give birth there at the hospital when Willow was born, and I don't know if they would be as hands off as they were in the case of a planned hospital birth.

There are so many more things to consider now with Willow. She is too young to be in the same room while I'm laboring, so her well being and security are big considerations as we decide which direction to go in. I just like the idea of home so much, being in my own space and being able to go to my own bed after the birth really sounds like the best thing to me, but I don't know how that might work with Willow, since it seems home may be the best place for her. So many questions.

I digress however... my inspiration for writing tonight was something Willow did today. She is having so much fun lately pretending, she loves to carry her play phones around the house and pretend to talk to Daddy, or our friend Barbara, or Grandma, even our friend Wendy's dog Sofia has been added to the list of regulars. She's been getting more involved with her pretending in the past week; she likes to "feed" her baby dolls and stuffed animals, and is getting interested in (trying) to dress and undress them. Today she really wanted something to stir in a bowl. She has a wooden spoon given to her for Christmas last year by her Aunt Nicole, and we've just begun allowing her to use it without intense supervision. Her original favorite thing to do with it was walk around with it in her mouth, which seemed like a trip to the emergency room waiting to happen. I gave her some seasoning salt which we've had for probably eight years now, and she proceeded to remove the cap (once I had unscrewed it enough for her to pull it off), put salt in her bowl, replace the cap, and stir. She stayed busy with this activity on and off all day long. Brent and I just stood and watched her this morning for several minutes, while she was intent on her activity.

Possibly the most exciting thing for me about her and the stirring wasn't even the stirring itself, but the fact that when I came to take video of her in action, and she as usual dropped what she was doing in favor of what I was doing, I showed her the bit I got on camera and then, on a lark, I told her I wanted to get video of her doing her thing. I asked her to go back and stir and do what she was doing... and she did! That was amazing, and fun. I really didn't think she would do it, but she's beginning to get the concept of photos and videos and what they do, and she loves watching videos of herself or other people doing everyday things. We watch a lot of youtube clips, of kids playing, pets doing crazy things, etc. So she went and did her thing, and I got a clip of it! You can subscribe to all our videos by going to

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