Friday, November 16, 2007

Amazing Grace

Yesterday Willow was sick. She threw up for the first time... she woke up and was playing with us on the bed and suddenly started convulsing, and threw up all over the bed. Then she cried, of course... not knowing what was happening. Lucky for Mommy she only threw up twice, but was sick all day and though she is feeling better today, was still having diarrhea. I've been fighting whatever she got, and this afternoon I got sick too. My first time with the stomach flu with a baby by myself. I was worried that Willow would cry and be upset that Mommy was acting weird, sitting over the toilet bowl throwing up. Instead she joined in... she is starting to imitate everything we do, and she decided she had to stand over the bowl herself and made attempts at spitting into the toilet. It was the most hilarious, cutest thing... probably the first time in my life I've ever had a chuckle while I'm being sick.

The grace and joy Willow brings to our lives is immeasurable. On a day when all I would be doing is lying around feeling sorry for myself, I had to step out of myself and be with her. And she made it fun and enjoyable, not entirely an awful chore. Though I did call friends to get some sympathy, and asked one to come over to help me put delivered groceries away (she could not), Willow was a gem. Daddy left work two hours early to come home and organize the groceries that had been tossed unceremoniously into the fridge and straighten the house for tomorrow. He'll be at work again tomorrow, most likely... we're hoping this is a 24 hour thing, but if it's not he'll stay home.

I feel so grateful for my life, and for the lives of my friends and family.