Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Thank You Note

Continuing the theme of gratitude, I am thinking of all the friends and family members who have been there for us over the years and I feel so grateful. We had a beautiful baby shower last summer thrown by two close friends. So many people came and brought wonderful gifts for the baby. Over my pregnancy we received several handmade blankets, handmade hats and a handmade set by my aunt of booties, a bonnet, a sweater, and a blanket. We got so many clothes, books, and toys, both new and handed down that we didn't have to buy anything for about the first six months, except for diapers. We had meals brought to us for weeks while we rested with our new baby. Friends came to help us clean and spend time with Willow so that we could sleep. Two friends who live nearby have opened their home to my parents when they visit, and brought us meals every Sunday for about 2 months. Both grandmothers came to visit after Daddy went back to work, and helped with chores and made meals while I cared for Willow. Brent waited on me and Willow hand and foot the first two weeks, doing laundry, cooking, and walking the dog. Neighborhood friends from where I grew up gathered to celebrate Willow's birth, and friends of my mother's held a shower as well.

I remain in awe of the generosity and love that surrounds each of us. Thank you.

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