Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Now that Willow is one year, and we've had such a wonderful day today on her birthday, I have to find something to worry about. I am thinking about schooling. I loved school up until about 8th grade, when I began to go to "traditional" schools. Up until then I had been in "open" schools, which was interdisciplinary and did not involve moving from class to class every hour, instead we usually had one or two teachers for most of the day. One of my favorite memories is of making American Indian villages in 5th grade. We each were assigned to groups and had to research all the aspects of a particular tribe, and make a model village based on our research. It was really fun and involved all the senses, which I think is really important in education.

As I begin to look ahead to being a parent of a child in school, I balk both at the horrible schools out there and at the huge array of choices. Language immersion schools are popping up all over, even at the preschool level. I love the idea, but then I wonder if it's too much. And when they're so young, how do you know what they're getting out of the school? We go to a co-op preschool now, through the community colleges here in Seattle, and it's a wonderful program. I love the teachers and the teaching philosophy, which closely mirrors my own parenting philosophy. Willow seems to have a great time playing, and seems to be getting a lot out of the experience. But I'm already beginning to wonder what happens in kindergarten. There are so many schools to choose from, and so many that are crappy. To be continued...

Meadow at Camp Long

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