Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Little Treasures

So many things that Willow does just kill me, and they are only fleeting. I love the way she sits on the bed when she wakes up and waits for me, rubbing her eyes, her whole face really, and making this little buzzing sound. It is adorable and impossible to adequately describe, and something I'll probably never get a video of. I'm always thinking "I'd like to get a video of that...", and most times I do but obviously in the middle of the night when she wakes up and needs to be put back down is not a good time for recording. She is very intent and focussed on her games and ideas, and is starting to have Daddy and Mommy do things... she likes to have Mommy put on Daddy's hat, and she loves to have either of us drink water from our water bottles. This is a new one that just started today with Daddy. She may take a sip herself or not, but the main activity is handing the bottle to one of us and having us drink from it. And earlier today as I was vacuuming the floor, I picked up some of her alphabet blocks and put them in their box to move them out of the way, and she was very annoyed. Apparently she had taken them out of the box and did not want them put back! She is also starting to make games out of doing things she is not supposed to... taking diapers out of their box, for instance, when we say "no" she will wait until we're not looking and then reach for them, looking right at us to see if we say anything. Very interesting, and terrifying. She is going to have me jumping through a lot of hoops, I can tell. Today for the first time she handed me a book to read to her. That was very fun and wonderful, and we read it three or four times before she wanted to move on to something else. Ahh, the repetition is only beginning...

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